Handcrafted Ice Cream, Hand Delivered to Your Door

We talked about ‘scream with Diana Hardeman of MilkMade Ice Cream

You’re a bit obsessed with dessert.

You wouldn’t protest if we said that you’re a connoisseur of cookies, an apple pie aficionado, or a devotee of dark chocolate.

Well, your sweet-tooth ship has come in, and it’s called MilkMade Ice Cream. And it’s a subscription. That’s right, an ice cream subscription.

Handcrafted, locally-sourced and environmentally friendly, MilkMade Ice Cream is uh, red-hot. The service offers up two choices — one pint per month or two (at press time we couldn’t confirm if anyone has ever chosen one). Then, each month, your own personal ice cream truck comes to call, hand-delivering the goods to your door, housed in dry ice and sustainable foam boxes.

Founder and chief ice-cream maker, Diana Hardeman started the company by happy accident. Bored of bodega brands, she whipped up her own in her kitchen. Cut to two months later, her ice cream gets sampled at a party, garners some press, and her subscription business is on its way. Next up, Tri-State shipping followed by nation-wide distribution, and at some point, even a storefront.

As if you needed any more convincing, here’s a mini-sampling of the flavors she’s shipped: Raven Red Velvet, Ocu-Pie Walnuts, English Toffee, and Maple Molasses Bourbon.

Go Forth (and scream).


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