NY Edition

Simply the Best

Dinner and awards gala not included.

Help us find the best of culture in the New York startup scene

It’s pretty easy to find the winners and losers in business – typically it’s a simple question of accounting.

But in this brave new digital world, where a company like Amazon can lose more than $40 million in one year and still play the 800-pound gorilla, clearly we need a new metric.

That’s why we’re looking to find the winners in New York startups based on something less quantifiable, and far more enjoyable – the best in startup office culture.

For the next week, we’re accepting nominations in these categories:

Best Office Cat (or, sure, Dog)

Best Office Lunch

Best Office View

Best Office Bar

Best Office Design

Best Office Art

Best Office Quirk

Best Snack Stash

Best Employee Perk

Submit your nominations to one, any, or all of these categories via email or Twitter.

We’ll announce the winners – based on our own impartial, though perfectly arbitrary judging – in December. There will be plaques awarded.

Now go forth (and get rewarded).


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