Here’s How You Can Make Painting Painless | Dedicated

Image courtesy Paintzen

Paint Point

Everyone loves a fun little pet project, like knitting a sweater or repairing a bike.

Painting one’s apartment is not a fun little pet project. Painting one’s apartment is a soul-sucking, time-consuming, unbelievably tedious endeavor, best left to the pros.

Paintzen makes it easy to book professional painters and transform your apartment or office, so you don’t shroud yourself in dried paint and regret.

All you have to do is tell Paintzen what rooms and walls you want painted, choose from over 3,000 shades of Benjamin Moore Paints, and step aside while a team of insured painters handles the whole process from setup to cleanup.

That means no hauling of supplies. No long days of labor. No cursing the heavens when you realize a professional could have done a much better job.

You can handle the whole booking process online and know exactly what you’re paying for with Paintzen’s all-inclusive pricing – you’ll even get a free instant quote before booking.

One more reason to book: Wakefield readers can get 10% off a Paintzen appointment here.

Now go forth (and bring some color into your life).


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