Hey! VINA is Tinder-esque app for making new friends

Image courtesy Hey! VINA.

Friend Indeed

Smartphones and the internet have made it remarkably easy to get a date for the night. Finding an actual friend online, however, has proved more elusive. For women working in tech – a field all-too-known for its problems with gender parity – female friendship can prove doubly difficult.

Hey! VINA is a female-exclusive friendship app, aimed at women who are on the move. The iOS app officially launched in New York last month.

Founders Olivia Poole and Jen Aprahamian were inspired to develop the app after meeting at General Assembly. “We both worked in tech, so our roommates were men, we were dating men, our colleagues were all men,” Poole told us. “We just wanted some more female friends.”

Poole describes the app as “a hybrid of Tinder and Buzzfeed.” The Hey! Vina platform uses personality to help users find their perfect (platonic) match. The app then prompts matches to meet up as soon as possible, minimizing awkward in-app conversation and kindling a real-life relationship.

For those who say app-based friendships only further signify millennial’s lack of real social interaction? “It’s all about efficiency at the end of the day,” Poole countered. “You can’t walk into a room or walk into a cafe and know instantaneously who you’ll be compatible with… You need to discover as much as possible about someone to be friends.”

You can learn more about Hey! VINA and download the app here.

Now go forth (and get social).