You Can Learn Something From These EdTech Startups – And Maybe Work For Them, Too

VR goggles and self-driving cars are fun and all — but if we’re to expect the same pattern of innovation for years to come, we’ll need to ensure a better education for the next generations. These four hiring education tech companies are doing their part.

  • Teachable: We’ve all got something to teach others, right? Teachable democratizes both sides of the online education marketplace, allowing individuals to create, market, and sell their courses to students online. Many of their job openings are within their New York-based engineering team. Take a look here.
  • Renaissance: Every student deserves a personalized approach to their education, but for teachers who are tasked with dozens if not hundreds of students, that’s no small task. Renaissance allows teachers to utilize analytics in assessing each students’ specific needs. They’ve got a handful of product and sales roles open in New York, with dozens of other open nationwide. Check them all out here.
  • Brainly: Who among us hasn’t turned to a classmate (or coworker) for help with an assignment? Brainly brings student-to-student collaboration onto an online social platform, enabling students to work together to solve problems large and small. Much of their team is based in Krakow, but Brainly is hiring for a handful of New York roles here.
  • Newsela: Newsela has positioned itself as the content platform for the connected classroom — and with a presence in more than 90% of K-12 classrooms, we’d assert they’ve gained quite a foothold. They’re hiring for more than a dozen roles in NYC — see them all here.


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