Honesty is the best policy

I hear you’re helping Asgard with our website. Sounds dope.

Why you should be honest when a pandemic impacts your job search

A successful job search means being honest about your technical skills, interests, and any external factors impacting your career… like a pandemic. However, according to LinkedIn, not everyone is acknowledging why they might be out of a job right now – a tactic that could prove costly in landing a new one.

VTS is hiring photo, video, & 3D creatives (contract opportunities)

VTS is on a mission to be the commercial real estate industry’s “modern operating system,” where deals happen and real-time data comes to life.

If you’re looking to scratch a creative itch, VTS is hiring for a variety of content-heavy roles across the United States.

Or if you’re seeking full-time employment that’s more customer-facing than creative, VTS is hiring Sales Development Representatives in both Los Angeles (apply here) and New York City (apply here).

Don’t AMA about this internship or other anti-evil opps @ Reddit 

Instead, check out the job description and send in your application for Reddit’s Applied Behavioral Science Intern, where you’ll work with data scientists on new ways to improve user onboarding and incentivize users to reward more.

If you have a few years of professional experience using CMS systems, you can fight the good fight of flagging suspicious content as an Anti-Evil Operations Specialist.

Steer your design talents toward this role @ The Helmsley Charitable Trust

The Helmsley Charitable Trust supports global health initiatives, and they’re hiring a Communications Associate with 5 years of communications/digital design experience and a focus in healthcare. As a bonus, your design work will be featured across screens in the lobby of the Helmsley Building, a designated NYC landmark.

Asgard is calling, and we hear it’s a great place for Loki kind of people

Rubrik’s virtual platform engineering team goes by the name Asgard, and they’re ready to transport a new Software Engineer into their kingdom. Candidates need 5+ years of developing enterprise software, a background in systems programming, and familiarity with C++, Java, and Scala languages.