50 hottest hiring startups

| 2 years ago

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LinkedIn’s List

Here are the 50 hottest startups, at least according to LinkedIn’s assessment of actions on their own platform.

The top 15 includes Peloton, DoorDash, Glossier, and Flexport.

(Watch Uncubed’s behind-the-scenes product video at Flexport.)

Drug Developments

The company behind female libido drug Addyi, has raised a fresh $20 million. In a film-worthy turn of events, the founder, Cindy Eckert, is back in control of the company. She sold Sprout to Advent Pharmaceutical for $1 billion. A few lawsuits later, Eckert got the company back – for free. 

Things are a-happenin’ in the health and wellness space. Companies like Headspace and Blink Health are hiring – and here are hundreds of other open roles. 


Bucks for Trucks

Freight movement accounts for around 16% of total greenhouse gases in the US, and trucking is the largest contributor. Zero emission trucks ought to help. 

Hydrogen truck startup Nikola just raised $250 million, and has apparently taken an order for 800 of them from Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Check out jobs in logistics tech. And for a closer look at the innovation happening at Anheuser-Busch InBev’s – get to know their in-house incubator, operator, and venture capital group, ZX Ventures

Sorta Pumped

Anyone already reading the new book on Uber’s explosive rise (and culture)? Super Pumped, the work of a New York Times tech reporter, is out on the shelves. We’re not sure if we’re excited or terrified to read it.