Deal Breakers: The Terrible Ways Technology Affects Relationships

Computers made them do it.

Deal Breakers

“Netflix and chill” might be the greatest advance in romance since the invention of light dimmers, but still not all tech is going to help your love life. In fact, some of it is going to kill your relationship. Check out some of the ways technology affects relationships leaving us #foreveralone.

Get Off Social Media
The journal Cyberspychology, Behavior and Social Networking is a kind of scientific enabler for any scare piece you want to read about how Facebook will ruin your posture or the Dark Web will turn your children green. So take it with a grain of salt that studies published in the journal have shown that Twitter and Facebook will pretty much destroy your relationship like a pit bull tearing through a throw pillow.

Still, it’s hard to deny that social media can have a negative impact on your love life – the Huffington Post helpfully provides seven ways Facebook can ruin your relationship, from interacting with exes to oversharing. Lest you think Instagram gets away scot free, have no fear – it’s also “ruining your love life”, per Vogue. So is Snapchat and even MySpace.

Put Down That Phone
Last month, a study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture coined the term “technoference” to describe how smartphones, TVs, and computers often intrude into couples’ relationships. 70% of all the study’s participants said they had fought because of their partners checking phones in the middle of a conversation or sending emails over dinner. But it gets worse. A 2013 survey by Harris Interactive found that 20% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 admit to using their smartphones during sex. Think about that the next time you’re blithely texting with your BFF.

I Married a Binge Watcher
Netflix kindly commissioned a survey from Harris Interactive and the results were terrifying – 51% of couples are likely to cheat, streaming a TV show alone that they had agreed to watch together.

When not even Netflix is safe, you know the rest of the internet is just a relationship nightmare waiting to happen. Googling your dates? Bad idea. Online porn? Duh. Gaming? Of course. Online dating? You got it.

Science has clearly shown us that the only way to have a healthy relationship is to destroy every piece of internet-connected technology in the house. What are you waiting for?