You Have No Idea How Many Companies Amazon Owns

Jeff Bezos is also transforming himself.

River of Dreams

For a few hours on July 26, Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world, with Amazon’s soaring stock prices sending his net worth to over $90 billion.

The Amazon founder didn’t make all that money just selling books. Bezos’ 23-year-old behemoth has grown to encompass everything from cloud storage to supermarkets, challenging conventional wisdom and terrifying competitors.

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With their stunning, $13.4 billion acquisition of Whole Foods in June, Amazon didn’t just acquire a pricey supermarket chain, they also established a foothold in more than 460 locations across the country.

Food Prep Kits

When news spread that Amazon merely filed a trademark for a meal-kit delivery service, the stock price of Blue Apron sunk as much as 12%.

Social Networking

Taking aim at Pinterest and others, in July Amazon launched Spark, a shoppable social network featuring photos and stories.


This one’s still just a rumor, but all signs point to the fact that Amazon is building a standalone messaging app called Anytime.


You might not be aware that the Amazon Advertising Platform is serving up display ads online, but last year the company made more than $1.3 billion in ad sales. Some experts believe the platform could represent a real threat to Google.


Yes, Google has to watch out on the search front as well – in May, Amazon acquired a data analysis and search engine startup in May to improve search on Alexa.

Content and Distribution

Amazon-produced movies like Manchester by the Sea and TV shows like Transparent are helping upend the entertainment industry. Last year alone, the company spent $4.5 billion on developing content.


Amazon’s lines of nearly 2,000 private label products, like AmazonBasics and women’s clothing brand Lark & Ro is reportedly booming. And don’t forget the company’s 2009 acquisition of Zappos.

Web Services

What do IMDB, analytics platform Alexa.com, Box Office Mojo, and Goodreads have in common? They’re all owned by Amazon.