How to pick the right office equipment 

When negotiating a big raise pays off (via GIPHY)

Photo fanatics: Have you applied for these internships?

Chatbooks is on a mission to make creating photo books as simple as taking a selfie, but to do that they need energetic interns to apply. They’re currently looking for interns with an interest in Digital Advertising (remote based) and Social Media Marketing (Provo, UT). You should be familiar with today’s most relevant social media platforms and be ready to share insights obtained from analyzing data.

Ready to shamROCK this role at Cloverly?

Want to work for a company that’s focused on sustainability? Cloverly helps businesses offset their carbon footprint using software, and they’re in need of a Business Development Lead to preach the power of their products. As an experienced sales pro, you’ll use your instincts to connect with clients, develop leads, and define new business opportunities. 

Or hedge your bets at SonicWall

Okay, SonicWall has nothing to do with a beloved digital hedgehog that’s on an endless quest to collect rings because it really wants to get engaged. Instead, they focus on cybersecurity, and are looking to bring on a fast learner to focus on renewals as an Inside Sales Rep

If that reference to a beloved video game character distracted you…

…then consider beginning a career as a game maker at Skillz. This company helps developers create game franchises through competitive content, and they’re in need of a Jr. Data Engineer. You’ll be building an enterprise grade data lake to support analytical needs and next generation data infrastructure as part of your daily routine. Additionally, you’ll work with the data science team in deploying new algorithms for matchmaking, fraud and cheat detection, which we think is a neat skill set you’ll want to add to your skill set.

Shape up your search by targeting roles at Square

Square recently announced a new online delivery service in partnership with Postmates, which ensures we’ll be lounging in our sweatpants for the remainder of summer. But more importantly, we’re optimistic this news means more jobs await. If you rather not wait to find out, Square’s got plenty of interesting roles right now, like this Recovery Operations Junior Lead to ensure merchants can easily get their accounts back up and running.

Here’s how to choose the best tech

Real talk. As more professionals transition to working from home full time, the decision to purchase office equipment is beginning to fall on the individual. But how can you ensure you’re buying the right hardware, software, and if you’re like me, a pair of headphones that you won’t immediately regret upon arrival? To answer this question we suggest reading this piece by The New York Times, which highlights how to buy tech that lasts.