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Billy began to suspect hiring a 3-year-old tour guide was a mistake.

GateGuru makes the airport trek palatable

Next time you’ve been stranded at an airport Chili’s because of cancelled flights, consider the case of the Donner Party. Heavy snow left the pioneers stuck in the Sierra Nevada for three months – driven mad by hunger, some travellers turned to cannibalism.

The GateGuru app might not have saved that ill-fated expedition – 3G coverage wasn’t very good in 1846 – but it can help make your next trip less stressful.

After connecting flight info with Tripit or Kayak, the iOS, Android, and Windows apps collate everything a traveller needs to know – security wait time, check-in terminal, flight departure time, and status. There’s even a list of airport amenities broken down into pre- and post-security categories, so you can decide whether to get the four dollar donuts now, or later.

In November GateGuru entered into a partnership with Avis, allowing users to reserve a rental car at discount prices.

Dan Gellert and Jeff Arena co-founded GateGuru in 2009, largely out of frustration. A venture capitalist on the go, Gellert hated travelling – it was “hectic, stressful, and in desperate need of reinvention,” he told us. Four years and many versions later, the app has over one million downloads, all without a marketing campaign or much advertising.

Based in New York, the company is looking for a mobile engineer – get the details here.

Now go forth (and breathe deeply).


Nitty Gritty:

70: % of flights that arrive on time at SFO

88MM: # of passengers in ATL, the world’s busiest airport, in 2012

2050: year that Port Authority’s agreement to operate JFK is set to expire



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