How you can replicate the trippy visuals of Google’s Inceptionism

Image courtesy Dreamscope

Happy Trails

Last month, Google’s artificial neural network team revealed recent developments in computer vision, how networked computers can automate image classification.

It was a technological marvel, but all anyone cared about was the research imagery looked like. Specifically, a mescaline-infused Instagram.

On July first, the team released the DeepDream code, allowing anyone with some Python skills to create pictures that look like the cover of a 1970s prog rock concept album, but thanks to the new app Dreamscope, everyone can get in on the fun.

The web app allows users to upload the image they want to warp, choose from one of 16 filters (we’re partial to Self Transforming Machine Elves), and marvel at the resulting terrorscape. By registering for free on the site, it’s possible to access three more filters as well as download higher resolution images.

Developed by San Francisco-based machine learning and AI company Lambda Labs, Dreamscope is a lot faster and a lot more flexible than the few other DeepDream generators out there.

Give Dreamscope a try here – hopefully we won’t have long to wait until they release a smartphone app.

Now go forth (and don’t freak out).


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