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First up, big thanks to Matt at Behavox for mentioning this newsletter on LInkedIn. That post saw a meaningful uptick in subscribers. Since finding this newsletter is virtually impossible, that’s essentially how this community of readers has grown.

In other news, I’m overloaded with links to share this week. Probably because the weather in Nashville is so dire right now. I just stay home on my computer all day!

Only for you, dear reader:
We’ve made a lot of progress on HR Uncubed this past week. Lots of exciting sponsors will be revealed soon, a number speaker topics are on the site and we just released a 2-for-1 special (2 tickets for $499) for our community only (that includes you). We’ll expire it at some imaginary time in the near future, so if you plan on coming (and bringing a friend), scoop it up. Enter “Send2for1” as the code and you’ll get the free pass in your inbox.

Other Events:
Over 50 of you RSVP’d rather quickly to our HR Resolutions breakfast on January 30th. We can squeeze some more in, so if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, you can do so here.

In the News:
On Hiring: NYC isn’t slowing down on hiring front – and it’s not just because of Google and Amazon. Learn why here. (Sorry this email is a so NYC focused. I can’t help it. I live here, after all.

Controversy: On the back of the #MeToo movement, Gillette has launched a new advertising campaign aligning with the movement…or is it actually just a gross marketing gimmick that exploits this very human dilemma? Join the debate on LinkedIn here.

Think about it: Somewhat related, Rebecca Taylor wrote a short piece to extrapolate thought on reimagining workplace VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Confusion, Ambiguity).

Unrelated Watch
When you combine a genius engineer with cooking, you get this TED Talk. For those of you that attended HR Uncubed last year, his son led the talk on building a tech blog at HR Uncubed 2018.

HR: If any of you are looking for a PT or contract senior recruiter, drop me a line. I have a great rec.
COO/GM:  If you’re in the market, we’ve been seeing some impressive folks with this profile enter the Uncubed network.

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  • Talent Acquisition Lead (NYC) – HyperScience
  • People Ops Manager (50% Recruit. 50% HR) (NYC) – Amino Apps
  • Payroll Specialist (Remote) – Kraken Exchange (who doesn’t like to say the word “kraken”?)
  • Talent Recruiter (Austin) – Favor
  • Benefits & Payroll Specialist (LA) – Factual
  • Technical Recruiter (Charlotte) – Credit Karma
  • Total Rewards Specialist (Chicago) – Imperfect Produce
  • Senior Corporate Recruiter (NYC) – Index Exchange
  • Recruiter (NYC) – Bowery Farming
  • Leadership Recruiter (Mountain View) – Quora


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