Human compost and broken windows

Get in the spirit (via GIPHY)

Soil Yourself: Make room, banana peels and coffee grounds — it’s time to sprinkle some people into the compost bin. The world’s first human composting facility is set to open in Seattle in 2021, promising to “convert human remains into soil in about 30 days.” If you’re hesitant to commit to environmental sustainability to the fullest extent possible, here’s one way to start a bit smaller: by having a food waste-free Thanksgiving. Or, you can just peruse these sustainability gigs.

Clock Out: As you (hopefully) step away from your laptops for the back end of this week, take the time to consider: what if you made a real effort to “work” less in general? Wired’s Lizzie Wade argues that even the most focused knowledge workers rarely put in a true eight-hour workday, and that an ideal creative workday would consist of five hours of “deep work” — if only we could eliminate the stigma of working less. 

That said, if you’re a creative type looking for work in general, get started here. And if you’re a publisher looking to give work to creative types, here’s a cool new tool worth checking out: OutVoice, an integrated invoice processing system for WordPress sites.

App Divide: There’s a 1% in the app store, too, you know. That top 1% of app store publishers drive 80% of new downloads, according to TechCrunch. That’s bad news for indie mobile developers, as the bottom 99% averaged just over 7 thousand downloads in 2019’s third quarter — compared to nearly 700 million for Facebook in that same time frame. If you think you’ve got the chops to dominate the mobile app charts, dive into these open roles for mobile developers.

Fun With Sledgehammers: By now, you’ve probably seen Tesla’s “Cybertruck” and Elon Musk’s most embarrassing show-and-tell demonstration since, presumably, the third grade. (And if you haven’t seen Musk’s ill-fated attempt to take a sledgehammer to his new toy’s window, we insist that you do.) Tesla has since explained that the window only broke because they’d already taken a sledgehammer to the Cybertruck’s door, which cracked the base of the glass. This should provide comfort to anyone with plans to buy a Cybertruck just to try to destroy it. 

Alternatively, if you’re a product designer, you could just come up with a better idea. Here are some companies that’ll want you to do just that.