Hustle culture is bad for you


Grand Openings

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They See You While You’re Procrastinating…

Nothing keeps a chronic procrastinator on track quite like the potential shame and embarrassment of being called out for watching yet another cat video on the job. 

As the rise of remote work has presented new challenges for those with a tendency to go off-task, at least one new company sees an opportunity: a pay-per-use work space featuring supervisors who are strictly there to keep you focused

And if you’re looking for a remote role, here’s a good place to start.

And Drink Goat Milk When They’re Awake

The “morning routine” is having its moment in the zeitgeist, as public figures like Mark Wahlberg and Jack Dorsey have cursed us all by sharing their deeply insane and unattainable rituals. 

Fortunately, here’s The Atlantic bringing reality back to the forefront and reminding us all that no, we’re not the only ones hitting the snooze button a half-dozen times.

These Jokes Were Written By Robots

Rest easy, party game satirists: you’re still funnier than AI. Cards Against Humanity’s latest Black Friday stunt featured an interactive competition between the company’s writing staff and a machine learning algorithm, to see who could write the most popular pack of cards. 

Team Human won, only by a hair. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before an AI wins that competition, among many, many others — so go ahead and help train the other team at one of these open machine learning roles.

So Stop Hustling, For Goodness Sake

In case you need more encouragement to stop putting so much danged pressure on yourself, here’s how hustle culture is becoming legitimately bad for our collective health — even if the Elon Musks among us say that “nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.”