The hustle & flow (traders) edition

Never forget to rock the job search

Flow Traders graduate training program wants you

Shaping the future of finance won’t be easy. That’s why Flow Traders is searching for its next class of Graduate Traders to join its renowned 4-month training program in New York. You’ll kick off your career in finance with trading simulations and classes hosted by Senior Traders and Quantitative Researchers.

To prepare for your upcoming interview, watch Uncubed’s Job Tips Q & A with Flow Traders Head of Recruitment Laura Torentino.

Intuit is hiring immediately. And we’re into it.

Selling is a valuable life skill that’s in demand, so if you’re ready to build relationships in software, Intuit is hiring Inside Sales Consultants with 1-2 years of sales experience to manage the inbound sales cycle for Intuit’s Quickbooks offering.

Learn how to design life’s most precious memories @ Chatbooks

If you’re a student interested in UX Design, Chatbooks is seeking a recent graduate or currently enrolled student that plans to graduate by 2022 to join its team as a UX Design Intern.

Heads up: Brainrider is looking for more smart people to join them

Brainrider is on the lookout for a Program Coordinator to provide operational support for its Strategic Communities Program. It’s an ideal role for recent grads who understand the intricacies of multicultural communications and are naturals at seeing projects through to completion with minimal oversight.

There’s also an intriguing B2B Case Study Writer opportunity for a content storyteller with at least five years of experience in B2B marketing.

Because Mark Zuckerberg is really just an oil baron with a booster seat

Congress finally got back to us on that whole Big Tech brouhaha a few months back. The New York Times reports that America’s legislative branch is recommending a break up of Big Tech companies and reforming antitrust laws, which Congress argues would help create more competition. One takeaway from the Times summary: entities hoping to acquire startups are going to face a lot more resistance.

Know someone in need of career guidance? Make an intro to Intel

Referring a friend to Intel is like being the first person in a movie who starts the slow clap. You know you’re onto something good, and pretty soon everyone will join in. All of a sudden, you start making some noise. 

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