Imagine having a clean bathroom wherever you go

Photo courtesy Looie

Easy Going

If you need to go, you need to go. But what if your only option is that disgusting Starbucks bathroom that seemingly every other New Yorker used today?

Rather than facing the fumes, you could instead buy a membership with Looie, a startup that promises to offer impeccably clean bathrooms for use in a variety of participating business locations.

Looie is the brainchild of Yezin Al-Qaysi, a Canadian transplant who saw the need for the service after commuting frequently to NYC to work with clients from his previous business, DoBundle.

Rather than a widespread municipal system of bathrooms, Al-Qaysi told us, “[Businesses] have had to shoulder the whole weight of very high usage with no public supporting infrastructure… And no business can keep up.”

Looie partners with businesses, taking over the task of cleaning and installing locks that, for $25/month, any Looie member can open with a specialized key. The company has three locations launching this month in TriBeCa, with three more on the way in the area. From there, Al-Qaysi wants to expand to Lower Manhattan, SoHo, Chelsea, and eventually the loo lunacy that is Midtown.

For the first three locations, Al-Qaysi personally takes on the job of cleaning, scrubbing each one down 7-10 times a day with safe and organic cleaning products. Though those numbers may seem high, Al-Qaysi hopes to offer an extraordinary bathroom experience: “What does a good bathroom need to be amazing? Cleanliness is certainly the basic level, but to me, I’m on a mission to make it heavenly.”

You can learn more about Looie and pre-order a membership  here.

Now go forth (and go comfortably).