Immersive game development + 50 companies to work at

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The “First Job After College” Section

Mobile Developer, New Grad (Square)

Square is a shape, a slang term, and in this specific case, an app used to help merchants run their business real good. They’re hiring new grads to join them as Mobile Developers in Atlanta and Toronto.

What’s cool about this opportunity too is that, in addition to recent and upcoming (August 2021) university grads with a degree in comp sci or a related area of study, Square’s open to reviewing resumes from bootcamp grads and training participants once those programs have been completed.  

No matter how you get your devit card (digital payment x dev cred joke), your skill set should include building apps for Android and/or iOS; programming in an object-oriented language such as Kotlin, Swift, Java, Python, Go, or C++; and being able to shapeshift when necessary in order to build products that merchants trust with all of their (and their customers’) sensitive info.

Tech Internship of the Week

Summer 2021 Engineering Internship (Survios)

Survios is an immersive virtual game developer that’s all about constructing “cross reality,” and their paid summer internship program is now open to students and recent grads who’ve worked on projects in a collaborative setting using C++ in Unreal Engine 4.

They’re particularly focused on those members of the Intel community who have a passion for designing, implementing, and maintaining gameplay systems and tools. 

As part of the application process, you’ll have to submit source code that demonstrates the skill set that Survios engineers demonstrate on the daily.

Best-case scenario: you’re submitting a complete project repository via Github link (more details in job description). And Survios put this in bold which means that people obviously aren’t doing it correctly: “Please post the link in the ‘Personal Website’ field.”

Hardware Internship of the Week

Summer 2021 Power Electronics Intern (Virgin Hyperloop)

The Power Electronics hardware team at Virgin Hyperloop designs, builds, and tests power units that are essential to the success of this transportation system so it doesn’t end up like one of Lyle Lanley’s infamous monorails. 

They’re in need of students interested in remote internships (although you must reside in either California or Nevada for tax reasons) who are fluent in MATLAB and Simulink as well as familiar with power converter design and testing.

As a Power Electronics Intern, your projects will directly contribute to the hyperloop’s Block 1.0 milestone, which will quickly become your go-to icebreaker for your full-time job interviews as graduation nears.

Is your company hiring? 

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Stuff You Can Thank Us For Later

The 🌮 Report

It’s been a few weeks since we last mentioned Taco Bell here [editor’s note: 2 weeks, 1 edition of Intel], which means that it’s time to ring in another achievement for this tech and stomach disruptor. 

The international chain is opening its first digital-only restaurant in New York City’s Times Square, where guests place orders via onsite kiosks or pick up their pre-ordered Crunchwrap Supreme® from cubbies.

This move to digital is intended to reduce stress on employees and ensure that Times Square remains a tourist trap.

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