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In just a year, ClassPass has grown from a small startup to the next Uber

These people are having way too much fun.

Working It Out

We remember when Jane Fonda’s Workout was about as exotic as exercise got. Today, the fitness enthusiast can choose from everything from aerial yoga to trampoline fitness.

But why choose? For a monthly fee, ClassPass allows users to take an unlimited number of fitness classes in their neighborhood.

We last talked to ClassPass over a year ago, and a lot has changed. In that time, they’ve expanded from just New York to 31 cities nationwide (as well as London, Toronto, and Vancouver), and a team of eight has grown to more than 70.

And perhaps most significantly, the company announced a whopping $40 million Series B raise in January. They’re already being called the next Uber.

Of course, with all that attention comes the inevitable criticism – an article in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine accused the company of hurting local exercise studios. But the fear of Groupon syndrome is misplaced, according to CEO and cofounder Payal Kadakia.

“It’s not just about discounted pricing but making sure each of these studios is growing,” she told the Times. “We don’t want to cannibalize their loyalists.”

They’re hiring for sixteen open positions out of New York – we told you they were growing fast – in everything from account management to graphic design. You can get all the details here.

Now go forth (and pass it on).


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