InboxVudu will end your inbox nightmares

Stick a pin in it.

To-Do Voodoo

Let’s face facts – at this point, your email inbox is such a mess it would probably be more efficient for you to start sending handwritten letters via the U.S. mail.

What if we told you help is on the way?

InboxVudu is a newly released iOS app and Chrome extension that identifies the emails that need your attention and summarizes their content via AI and natural language processing so that you don’t need to wade through endless greetings and thoughts about the weather.

The tech also identifies your emails that have gone unanswered and require a followup.

“One great use case I’ve seen is when people are job hunting,” cofounder and head of product William Pearce told us. “One user approached us, and said, ‘You guys have literally found me a job.’ He was sending out more than 500 emails for interviews and contacts, and he used InboxVudu to manage the whole process.”

In addition to its life-saving features for individual users, the eight-member InboxVudu team is also building in tools for small and medium businesses. And they plan to introduce support for multiple accounts in the coming days.

You can download InboxVudu for iPhone, Apple Watch, or add the Chrome extension.

Now go forth (and triage).

Editor’s Note: Investors in InboxVudu are investors in Uncubed.