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What’s beyond the 9-to-5?

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“I’m 39 years old, and I’ve never had a job,” Chris Guillebeau told us. “I have to be excited about something to do it, and that doesn’t work great in employment situations.”

But we think you should take career advice from him anyway.

On January 1st, Guillebeau launched the Side Hustle School podcast delivering daily tales of side hustle success stories and tips on how to start you own. Gigs range from the weird to the ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Recent episodes have included someone who creates saddles for chickens and a guy who takes his love for fish and turns it into a paid gig writing fish tank reviews.

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Guillebeau, the author of the books $100 Startup and the Art of Non-Conformity who has traveled to every country in the world, said the podcast was a long time coming. He’s always lived the side hustle life, and when his latest book, Born for This, came out, he found the section on side hustling to be the one that got the most attention.

“There was whole lot of stuff out there about being an entrepreneur, but there’s not a whole lot for people who don’t want to quit their job or can’t right away,” Guillebeau said.

The reality of today’s job landscape, though, makes a side hustle imperative, he said. “There ‘s not a lot of traditional job security out there. I think people are realizing that they have to create their own security. It can be scary, but for me I think it’s exciting. It’s empowering. It opens doors,” he said.

Start the hunt for the ideal side hustle gig by learning the power of observation, Guillebeau said. You can spot a side hustle in your daily life just by looking around and asking questions. Who writes the menus or designs the websites of your favorite restaurants? Who writes the reviews of your favorite products? What’s an industry you love and what’s missing from that industry?

Take your time and find a side hustle you’re excited about, but eventually everyone should find one, said Guillebeau. “I think it’s not just nice. I think it’s necessary.”