Things are about to get lit

Don't give into the gaslighting (GIPHY)

(Gas)lighting the way forward

You’ve probably received an email from a business checking in to show how much they care during this time – so much so they’re giving you 25% off your next purchase for things you really don’t need right now. But will the content to come help us cope with the aftermath of COVID-19? Medium has some thoughts on why the great days of gaslighting may soon be ahead of us.

Goodbye open office layouts, hello hand sanitizer stations

Could open office layouts, communal couches, and handshakes become coronavirus casualties? The New York Times wonders out loud what tomorrow’s workplace might look like. Not surprisingly, there’ll be a lot more hand sanitizer.

If you’re interested in shaping the future of the work space, Netflix is looking for a Space Planning Manager to avoid stranger things from happening.

IGTV upgrade

With so much more time for DIY projects these days, The Verge reports that Instagram recently updated its IGTV app to include new features including a tab that helps users discover content faster.

Speaking of video, if you enjoy the buzz of seeing sweet online deals in one place, Honey is looking for a Video Editor, Social Performance Marketing to join their hive to create digital content across its social platforms.

Virtual break rooms

If your calendar is full of video conferencing meetings, Techcrunch highlights Hallway’s virtual break rooms, an app designed for Slack that allows companies to schedule 10-minute video chats for employees that want to congregate at the coffee machine but can’t right now.

If all that office gossip makes you realize it’s time to look for something new, D.E. Shaw is currently seeking Technical Program/Product Managers to spearhead the development of their specialized supercomputers and proprietary software, which is geared towards scientific breakthroughs in biochemistry and molecular biology (you know, the important stuff we need right about now).

Drop a new track

To wrap up this week’s edition, we’re highlighting Vox’s feature on a new contact tracing tool Apple and Google are teaming up to build that’s designed to track the spread of Covid-19. The API would allow iPhones and Androids to interact with one another using blue tooth technology, and could assist in helping identify coronavirus cases quicker for users who opt-in to gain access to the tool.


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