Is the four-day work week coming soon?

No number of cookies can justify a pointless job

Extremely Casual Fridays: The ‘work smarter, not harder’ adage may have caught a few ears at Microsoft, as the company’s Japan HQ experimented with four-day work weeks in August. Surprise, surprise: giving employees Fridays off resulted in a near 40% boost in sales(Speaking of sales, we’ve got sales gigs abound here.)

Extremely Pointless Work: Ah, to be handsomely paid, brutally bored, and altogether useless. Here’s a compelling Medium read on well-paid workers whose jobs really don’t make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, and are well aware of that fact. So, how to stave off professional indifference and achieve that ever-so-elusive workplace satisfaction? Read on.

Shopify Won’t Dropify: Yes, we do apologize for that subheader. But the point remains: the Canadian e-commerce platform for individual companies and entrepreneurs continues to grow, having topped 1 million businesses in the Shopify community. Shopify gigs here, and other e-commerce opportunities here.

Silicon… Barbecue?: Step aside, Valleys and Alleys — with rising rents and shrinking talent pools in America’s most prominent tech hubs, TechCrunch posits that a handful of American cities are primed to attract the next wave of innovative companies and workers. Taking into account factors such as livability, affordability, and robust economic momentum, TechCrunch identified Kansas City (open roles here) and Oklahoma City (open roles there), among others, as potential future tech hubs. Tacky ‘Silicon’ nicknames TBD.