Goodbye likes, hello meat

Tragic footage of an influencer looking for their likes (via GIPHY)

Strike The Like

First, a moment of silence for our neurological reward pathways. Instagram is beginning to remove the “like” function for U.S. users, so we’ll all have to go off in search of positive reinforcement elsewhere. We reckon that getting a new job tends to do the trick, so take a look at these open roles in social media.

Stay In Your Lane

Who among us doesn’t turn to a navigation app for a reroute when confronted with a traffic jam? According to CityLab, such habits may actually exacerbate traffic problems in the long run — and for residential neighborhoods near highways, the consequences have long since rolled through. Feeling suddenly guilty about your choices behind the wheel? Take a crack at improving the future of transportation by seizing one of these open roles.

Breathe Deep

Sure, we know that the air is full of toxins. But what if it’s also full of beef? A Bay Area-based startup called Air Protein has found a way to conjure meat alternatives out of thin air. Air Protein has expanded upon an idea first tested by NASA in the 1960s, involving probiotic production of CO2 inside of fermentation tanks. Food as we know it is primed to change in a big way, so take a look at these appetizing opportunities. And to wash it all down, here’s a chance to join the digitalization of the water industry as a Senior Data Architect for GoAigua.

Got Experience?

As you may have gathered, we’ve got no shortage of exciting job opps on hand this week. Here are a handful of senior roles especially worth perusing: a Director (Qualitative Market Research) role at Firefish US, a Sr. Programmer opening at JJR Solutions, and two high-ranking consumer tech PR positions at BerlinRosen.

Whoop! There It Is

Perhaps the next big player in wearables has made its — rather silly — name known. Boston-based Whoop has announced a $55M round of funding for its membership-based wearables business, as it attempts to take on FitBit with a simpler (and free, prior to membership fees) product. We don’t like to take sides, of course, so here’s a listing of all kinds of open gigs in wearables.


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