Spooky smiles and automation nations

Spooooky (via GIPHY)

Doesn’t Ad Up: Does it feel like your Twitter feed is inundated with ads? Here’s a tip: try amassing thousands of followers. Twitter has admitted that they’ve historically targeted more ads towards user with fewer followers, presumably so as not to tick off its most virally-inclined Tweetsmiths. Alas, Twitter’s admission comes alongside an announcement that the policy is now dead — so enjoy seeing as many ads as the rest of us, influencers. (Thankfully, there is good work being done in the world of ad tech. Here are some open ad tech gigs.)

Building Habits: The term “automation” may trigger fears of job loss and robot overlordship — but you just might benefit from applying the concept of automation to your own daily routines. Here’s FastCompany with a handy guide to tacking new habits onto existing habits, in hopes of automatically folding those new habits into your daily routine. Take that, robot overlords.

Gamechanger: Who said video games have to be bad for one’s mental health? This CNET feature on the growing use of video games paired with neuroscience and biometric sensors to treat mental health conditions is well worth a read. So too are these job opps in game design.

Say Cheese? Here’s a little something spooky for your Halloween vibes: your pet’s smile, superimposed onto other animals’ smiles, for reasons we can’t quite comprehend. AI sure has come a long way, we suppose? (More usefully, here are some exciting opportunities in pet tech.)


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