How to manage employees during a pandemic + a new way to say thanks

That moment you realize you haven’t commuted for two months (via Giphy)

Hip to be squares

Add Square to the list of companies (okay so far that list consists of just Twitter) that have publicly announced employees can now work from home indefinitely. We have a feeling a whole bunch of tech folks are getting ready to jump on this bandwagon, but if you want to get in on the remote life right now, send in that application for one of these roles right here.

Recent graduate? Then read up on these financial resources

Finding that first job isn’t the only challenge for graduating seniors right now. From financial planning to student loan relief, Cnet outlines seven things early professionals must be on the lookout for when structuring their finances.

8 industries offering internships right now

If you’re a student or recent graduate, your degree in “industries that existed before coronavirus” doesn’t prevent you from finding the right career fit. Since now is a great time to pivot your initial five-year plan, Business Insider rounds up eight industries currently in need of interns.

One company that’s offering internships we know will make you a star? NBCUniversal, where opportunities across departments including news, marketing, and digital awaits. 

Welcome to Silicon Harbor

As professionals consider leaving big cities for opportunities elsewhere, are the Carolinas in line to bypass California’s Silicon Valley as America’s center of tech? The Post and Courier reports Charleston area tech companies grew their workforce 5.8%, the second fastest amongst U.S. cities behind Charlotte according to CompTIA’s cyberstates report.

If being part of the Lowcountry’s tech scene sounds charming, ChowNow needs a Territory Manager to head up its outside sales efforts. You’ll be working from home and visiting restaurants in order to help drive traffic back to small businesses. 

Four tips to make WFH work for your team

Though some people thrive when it comes to remote work, plenty are struggling to adapt with its demands. Harvard Business Review knows this, and offers four strategies on how managers can encourage productivity while remaining empathetic to their team members personal needs. 

One easy way to make employees feel good about working right now? Saying thank you. Twitter heard the message-possibly because they’re employees have been super productive WFH and have more time on their hands – and unveiled a new emoji designed to express gratitude to frontline workers and those who are stepping up during this time of need. 

Reading material to rethink what you want right out of school

Though traditional opportunities for early career professionals in tech included the allure of working in big offices full of fun perks, and living in big cities where there’s never a dull moment, the class of 2020 can be the first to reset the values we associate with a healthy work-life balance. Especially that whole idea that we have to spend time we can never get back commuting to a place that’s pleasant but not nice enough to live in. That sounded like a good idea at the time. Perhaps that’s why Forbes decided to make a list of winners and losers based on what Covid-19 is teaching us. One area we agree will only continue to grow? Telemedicine, where you can find early opportunities to develop your skill set like this Email Marketing Associate.