Swipe for the Picking

It's like this, but real.

The iOS app Caliber is online matchmaking for professionals

Tinder’s influence isn’t just being felt in the dating scene. Apparently that whole swipe left for X, swipe right for Y thing sets something off in our brain, because Tinder’s interface is being used for everything from shopping to dog adoptions.

But New York startup Caliber is surely the first to take the Tinder approach to professional networking.

“In the online world, making those professional connections can be really hard,” CEO and cofounder Andres Blank told us. “Twitter or LinkedIn make it really awkward connecting to the people you don’t know – it’s cumbersome sending a request and a lot of times it’s seen as spam. So the question for us was, how can we do it better?”

Through a combination of simple company or skill searches, as well as the kind of algorithmic matchmaking you’d find on a dating app, Caliber’s iOS app lets like-minded people connect and take it from there.

And it seems to be working. According to Blank, in its first week the app facilitated more than 5,000 matches.

You can download Caliber from the iOS App Store here. And if you’d like to sign up to be a Caliber, you can apply here.

A team of five, they’ll be looking to add business development pros and engineers in the near future. So if you’re interested, watch this space.

Now go forth (and swipe well).