The Match Game

Screenshots courtesy Switch

The iOS app Switch plays matchmaker between HR and you

The average person spends more time at the office than she ever does at home (if you don’t count that whole sleep thing). So why do people expend so much effort finding the perfect mate but often settle for the first job that comes their way?

Launched in July, Switch is a kind of Tinder for HR departments and the workforce. They work with nearly 100 major employers in New York to match open jobs with “passive” job seekers – typically people who already have jobs but are interested in what else is out there.

Swipe right and an employer will receive your highlights from your LinkedIn résumé – a “5-second résumé”. Swipe left to check out something else. There’s also a hint of Ashley Madison to Switch – your current company and coworkers are blocked from ever seeing your profile on the site.

“Everyone with a job is always on the market,” cofounder and CEO Yarden Tadmor told us. “The average length of time people stay in one job in the tech space is 1.1 years – but there’s no real marketplace for those job seekers.”

A team of five, Switch is planning to expand its geographical reach in the near future – San Francisco, naturally, is on their radar.

You can download Switch for iOS here.

If you’re looking to hire someone for your team, get in touch with Switch here.

Now go forth (and switch it up).


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