Is this tool big tech’s best chance at redemption?

How to balance that WFH life (via Giphy)

Can tracing apps help big tech win big?

Despite privacy issues continuously haunting tech companies, Time offers an insightful read on how contact tracing apps can be the key to creating a more cohesive relationship between our personal data and how we want it to be used.

Speaking of food for thought, why not ponder the chance to join DoorDash as a National Hub Operations Manager?

Why isn’t your head in the clouds right about now?

If you want to know why your company should be invested in cloud software right about now, review this read from ZDNet. And If keeping the world of business afloat sounds like fun, we’ve been keeping an eye on these cloud focused careers for you.

Need a new side hustle? Teach remotely part time

Now that everyone knows what it’s like to be a professional educator because homeschooling, remote teaching roles feel pretty approachable. But where’s a great place to start if you want to focus on specific skill sets, like sharing your expertise on Excel? Head on over to General Assembly, which is hiring an Part-Time Instructor Lead to lead their 10-week remote course on analytics.

These sports may be fantasy, but these jobs are very real

Speaking of learning, DraftKings is looking to add a Director of Learning and Organizational Performance onto their roster to oversee talent development strategies. If you prefer playing another position, here’s their full line up of onsite and remote jobs.

The post-COVID 19 economy’s major players will be…

If you guessed companies that specialize in more digital and less direct contact, you’re on the right track. To expand on this theory, Techcrunch examines why tech companies will remain in the driver’s seat despite impending government action like Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act

If being in control of the road ahead sounds enticing to wrap up this week’s edition of Intel, we think you’ll enjoy winding through these open roles at Toyota Research Institute.

Don’t space out

Add double spaces after a period to the list of things you shouldn’t put in a cover letter. According to The Verge, Microsoft Word is now flagging double spaces as errors, ending a decades old debate about how far words should socially distance from themselves.