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JIVR is a chainless, foldable e-bike

Image courtesy JIVR

Breaking the Chain

Biking to work is a wonderful proposition – start the day with a little fresh air, get in a workout, and do the environment a solid.

In reality, biking to work will leave you sweaty, covered in dirt, and exhausted from hauling the behemoth into your office, and all before the day has even begun.

London’s JIVR, which wraps up a successful Kickstarter campaign today, is offering the solution: a chainless, foldable, and seriously high-tech e-bike.

The JIVR sports a U-shaped, foldable frame with a built-in chainless drivetrain that allows you to ride the bike like any other when it’s out of battery. Each charge takes 90 minutes and provides the bike with 20 miles of power.

Smartphone compatibility allows riders to track distance and calories, and navigate using GPS. But JIVR’s most impressive tech just might be its beacon technology, allowing the bike to interact with any other Bluetooth-enabled smart device.

JIVR is expected to be ready for global shipping by September. You can reserve a JIVR bike – keep in mind, they retail for a hefty £1,499 – here.

Now go forth (and cruise).


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