Jobs at AOL, Refinery29, and Boston Uncubed

The Business

Yes, we are aware that this is the New York edition of Wakefield, but indulge us for a minute. This Friday, Wakefield’s Uncubed is invading Boston. This thing’s going to be big. If you’re in the area, or know someone who is, details and tickets are right here.


Wednesday – The Secret to Scaling a Tech Org, 6pm

We always thought the secret was Russian dressing, but apparently Gilt CTO Michael Bryzek has other ideas. He’ll share them at this talk, featuring wine and cheese. If you’re a NYTECH member, admission is free. For everyone else, it’s going to cost you $20. Get tickets here.

Location: Gilt HQ, 2 Park Avenue

Thursday – Inside Startups Club, 7pm

Get the inside information from reps from Startup Institute New York and Stray Boots CEO Avi Millman at the clubhouse. They’re promising “plenty of drinks [and] snacks” so bring an appetite. Tickets run $7 – get them here.

Location: TBD


AOL – UX Designer

They’re not just your parents internet service providers anymore. AOL has been steadily reinventing itself in the last three years with acquisitions like TechCrunch and Huffington Post. If you’ve got the UX chops to reshape pillars like Mail, AIM, and search, then AOL’s looking for you. Get the portfolio back in shape and get the details here.

Sponsored Tip – Startup Institute

Stuck in a cube? If these jobs look good but you’re feeling ill-equipped to make the switch, check out Startup Institute’s eight-week course. It’s a deep dive into the skills that’ll make you effective at a startup. Startup Institute helps place graduates into a partner network of the some of the most successful startups around. The cutoff for the Fall 2013 programs is October 6th – apply here.

Refinery29 – Social Media Assistant

Got a flair for fashion, serious style, and an addiction to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest et al.? Refinery29 – the quickly expanding global style hub based out of NYC – wants you. Brush up your 140 character pitch and find out about the job here.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).