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The Business

Make the most of the week

The details of Twitter’s IPO should be made public this week – barring an imminent government shutdown, of course. That means we’ll find out just how much Twitter intends to raise and the proposed share price. One thing is certain – these events and jobs will still be up and running no matter what happens in D.C. today.



Tuesday – Sports & Social Media

You only have to check out Facebook on a Sunday afternoon to realize that social media and sports are a match made in heaven. This meetup will bring together reps from ESPN, SB Nation, and IBM to play ball. Tickets are ten dollars – get them here.

Location: Shown to members only


Wednesday – The Future of the Lowline

If you haven’t checked out the Lowline – the planned, subterranean counterpart to the Highline – now’s your chance. Cofounders Dan Barasch and James Ramsey will be on hand to talk plans, reveal specs, and more. Tickets will run you a mere two bucks – get them here.

Brooklyn Law School, 250 Joralemon Street


Birchbox – Design/UX/Creative Roles | Sponsored Tip

Even if you don’t while away the hours watching Missglamorazzi’s YouTube reviews of the latest Birchbox, you probably know that the beauty and lifestyle discovery platform is one of NYC’s fastest growing startups. And if you know smart design, you can work there. Birchbox is hiring for several UX, creative, and product spots. Details here.

Behance – JavaScript Ninja

Yes, apparently we’re still describing ideal tech employees as ninjas, which raises the question – did Japanese feudal lords ever advertise for front-end engineers? All speculation aside, New York’s creative network powerhouse Behance is looking for an engineer with 4+ years of JS experience to build new applications, features, and websites. If you’ve got the skills (no throwing star experience necessary), check out the details here.

Keep your fingers crossed the adolescents otherwise known as Congress will manage to keep the government open.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).