Jobs at Spotify and Buzzfeed. Plus Fashion Tech.

The Business

Make the most of the week

Once upon a time, fashionistas did their thing, the computer types did theirs, and never the twain shall meet. But in this brave new world, everyone wants a piece of tech, and so even our events calendar cannot escape the clutches of New York Fashion Week. Why not embrace it?


Monday – Intro to Python with Citibike API, 7pm

If you’ve got to learn Python (and it’s not like we’re forcing you or anything), you might as well have fun while you’re doing it. This meetup from the fine folks at Code Crew will introduce you to the language using the Citibike API. Get on the waitlisthere.

Location: Alley NYC, 500 7th Avenue, 17th floor

Thursday – Fashion Tech: Demos and Drinks, 6:30pm

Yes, the fashion world has made peace with the techies (see above), so it’s time for a meet and greet. Raise a glass and mingle after demos from fashion-tech stalwarts like Gilt Groupe, Hukkster, Material Wrld, and more. RSVP for free here.

AlleyNYC, 500 7th Avenue, 17th floor


Buzzfeed – DIY Editor

Are you spending all your free time trying to recreate Pinterest projects? Are you one of those “crafty” parents, whose homemade lunchbags put all the other parents to shame? If you’ve got 2-5 years editorial experience with the arts-and-crafts set, then the rapidly growing Buzzfeed has a new home for you. Details here.

Spotify – Android Software Engineer

The Stockholm-based Spotify is on the move again – raising (even) more money to continue its streaming music mission. If you’ve got 1-2 years of experience in Android application development, and like the idea of joining a company that doubled its revenue in 2012, get the details here.

Fall fashion week comes but once a year (so does fall, for that matter). Have some fun.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).