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Super Bowl’s gone. Now what?

If you assumed that your annual dose of inescapable sports coverage was over along with the Super Bowl, assume again. The Sochi Winter Olympics kick off on Friday, which means lots of uplifting human interest stories, massively time-delayed “live” events, and, our favorite, curling.


new york tech council

Monday – Quantify Yourself, 6:30pm

If you haven’t registered it, recorded it, or input it, how do you know it really happened? This panel discussion won’t answer that, but it will tell you how to exploit personal data for marketing purposes. Tickets cots $10 – you can get them here.

Location: Croton Reservoir Tavern, 108 West 40th Street


Thursday-Friday – Visualized: New York, 9am

We’re really excited for this two-day conference on the convergence of data, story, and design. With an all-star lineup and great venue, Vizualized tickets are still available for $799. Take out the corporate card and charge it here.

Location: The Times Center, 242 West 41st Street


little bits

Barkbox – Vendor Relationship Manager | Sponsored

There are 80 million dogs in the US. Not all of them have their own Barkbox subscriptions…yet. But you can help. Barkbox is hiring a Vendor Relationships Manager. You’ll manage the dealings with hand-picked vendors near and far. And you’ll get a spot in their sunny new office and health insurance for you and your dog (no joke). Details here.


Yipit – Data Engineer

If you’re driven by data and daily deals, then steer your way over to the Yipit careers page. The New York all-stars are looking for an engineer who can help the company learn about businesses through the data they expose online. Get all the information here.

If you thought the Super Bowl was over the top, get ready for the opening ceremonies.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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