Jobs in Wearables and How to Win $1.5 Billion

She can save you too. (Credit: Giphy / Netflix)

The Right Stuff

Who knew that 2019 would be the year that Americans would decide to get of mountains of stuff on account of a Japanese neat freak with a new show on Netflix? It’s happening.

For the mass of KonMarie followers, Letgo is a modern, mobile-first option for lightening the load – and buying items from others. Uncubed went behind scenes to chat with folks at Letgo – here’s a look at the future of Letgo.

They’re hiring for various roles in New York and elsewhere. See jobs here.

Be Nice, Get Paid

The largest winner in US lotto history picked up a cool $1.5 billion the other day. How? By being nice.

She kindly let someone go ahead of her in line at the store where she bought her ticket. Sucker.

The rest of us must work. We’ve got you covered. The Uncubed Job Board has new listings every day. From skunkworks startups to the innovative groups within the world’s largest companies. Give it a whirl here.

Wearables Booming

Just when it seems like we’ve hit peak wearables…we haven’t. The market is still expanding quickly: it grew some 30% in Q4 2018.

That means plenty of jobs. Find employ in wearables and other hardware here – at MyFitnessPal, Peloton, Dropbox, Postmates, and more.

On Target

Target just announced that they are raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour, following Amazon’s lead from last year. Good news for those in retail, and likely for the company’s image as well.

Online retail is booming everywhere: check out jobs at ZX Ventures, Trip Advisor, Instacart, and more here.