Jr. MuleSoft Dev + can IHOP solve the queso conundrum?

Greetings IHOP. Please don't ruin queso for us like Chipotle did. (via IHOP/Facebook)

The “First Job After College” Section

Junior MuleSoft Developer

Do you have at least 6 months of MuleSoft design and development experience with an understanding of exception-handling/logging, DataWeave, RAML design, or MUnit?

If so, Accenture is hiring a Junior MuleSoft Developer with strong Java skills and knowledge of JSON and XML. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience as a software developer is required, as well as an appreciation for learning new technologies and systems.

Tech Internship of the Week

Solutions Architect 2021 Internship (US Citizen)

Rescale makes software and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulations across aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, life sciences, and more.

They’re looking for a Solutions Architect Intern to take flight with them this summer and create technical customer-facing content as well as implement and expand simulation use cases of their products across industry verticals.

You should be pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in engineering, computer science, math, physics, or a related field and have experience with at least one of these areas: HPC, CFD, FEA, molecular dynamics, weather forecasting, computational chemistry, seismic simulation, or rendering.

Non-Tech Internship of the Week

Social Media Marketing Internship

Smartcar is a developer platform for mobility businesses, and they need a smart intern to build their social media following and raise brand awareness.

Apply if you enjoy building social media campaigns and are familiar with publishing tools like Buffer. Be ready to strategize new ways to build audiences and drive traffic across all social media channels.

Is your company hiring? Post your jobs on Uncubed.

All BIPOC-owned and led businesses are eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job board. To receive your discount or learn more, please email: [email protected].

Resources You Can Thank Us For Later

  • A Local Law That Could Impact Candidate Screening
    NYC is considering a bill that would regulate hiring algorithms to ensure that companies are auditing for biases during their application processes. If the bill passses, employers must inform interviewees that algorithms have been used to assess their qualifications.
  • Where To Move After College
    Looking for a new land of tech opportunities? Consider moving to Miami or Austin.
  • Doggo, But Make It AI
    Can robot dogs learn to love even better than the real thing? Watch this video of Koda’s social robot dog as it interacts with its human owner.

The 🌮 Report

Dear IHOP, please restore our faith in chain queso 🙏

We’re still not over Chipotle selling us on queso years ago but then all we got with our bag of chips was liquid yellow chalk. No amount of “new recipes” will ever make up for the embarrassment that was.

Now, IHOP is offering a new lineup of burritos and burrito bowls that include queso.

If a house of pancakes can make a decent queso without mixing in maple syrup, we might just believe that chain restaurants have the ability to mass-produce the regional foods we’ve come to love and miss so much about traveling.

The Part of the Blog Where We Thank You, Our Readers

“Thank you” to our Intel readers who offered a shoulder to lean on about the personal MacBook dilemma that’s taking place as we speak. The winning response was “Trade in my disgruntled teenage laptop for a newborn that is full of life and never look back.” Looks like I’ve got a hot date at the Apple Store coming up.

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