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What do you get for the couple who has everything, even matching facial hair?

Kevin Ryan’s Zola brings a slick app to the wedding registry

In the last decade, planning a wedding has become a task akin to directing the Waterworld sequel while also staging a massive invasion of Canada. In other words, total living hell.

Zola allows brides- and grooms-to-be the ability to register for products, experiences, and honeymoon funds without introducing yet another level of complexity into their lives.

The web site launched in October last year, and the mobile app in April, with a Tinder-like feature that allows users to add items to their registry by simply swiping right. Users can also scan bar codes to add a gift to the list; control when, and where, gifts are delivered; and exchange gifts for cash before they’re even dropped off.

“When we decided we wanted to address the space, we interviewed more than 100 couples who were getting married,” cofounder and CEO Shan-Lyn Ma told us. “And consistently, the most painful part of the experience was managing registries… We knew there has to be a better way to deal with that.”

Both Ma and her cofounders have a great deal of experience in online retail – Ma’s previous post was Chief Product Officer at Chloe + Isabel, cofounder Kevin Ryan founded a little something called Gilt Groupe, and two more cofounders are also Gilt alums.

Ryan, for his part, has created at least three billion dollar companies in disparate industries: DoubleClick in ad tech, Gilt in fashion, and MongoDB in the database world. That bodes well for Zola, and presumably poorly for the competition.

A team of 25, Zola is always on the hunt for talented engineers, and they’re also looking for buyers, marketers, and more. Get the details here.

Getting married soon? Sign up for Zola here.

Now go forth (and get registered).