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LA’s Fuhu has turned children’s electronics into massive growth

Babysitting is easier than ever, thanks to technology.

Child's Play

The experience of watching a little kid play with an iPad can be simultaneously inspiring and terrifying. Inspiring, because they just seem to get it; terrifying, because they’re holding a fragile, $600 electronic device in their clumsy little hands.

Fuhu is the creator of the Nabi, an Android tablet specifically built for children. Running from $180 to $290, the devices come preloaded with more than 17,000 lessons for kids up to the sixth grade. The company also develops software and hardware for the pre-teen market, a 4K action camera and educational apps among them.

The Los Angeles-headquartered company launched in 2010 and has seen remarkable leaps in revenue – according to the company, its three-year growth in sales is a massive 158,956%.

“When we started, there were iPads and there were toys,” CEO Jim Mitchell said. “…The substance of an iPad is huge, but it’s not appropriate for kids… So our focus is on creating great, amazing experiences that kids will cherish and parents will trust and love and do that on a tablet that we make.”

In February, Fast Company included Fuhu among the world’s 50 most innovative companies, and last year Inc. magazine named them the Fastest Growing Private Company in America, for the second consecutive year.

They’re hiring for 53 jobs out of their L.A. office – in everything from jewelry design to network engineering – as well as development staffers in Denver. Get all the info right here.

Now go forth (and get kid friendly).


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