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That's what Apple just did to Objective-C.

Learn about the new OS language Swift in New York

For the last five years or so, iOS development was probably the most lucrative, most sought-after job skill to have (after, say, hedge fund management). And then one day last week, all those Objective-C developers suddenly became obsolete.

Well, not exactly… but when Tim Cook unveiled Swift, the new programming language for iOS devices, at last week’s WWDC, it represented a major leap forward in mobile development. Swift promises to be 75% faster to execute than Objective-C, and its far easier syntax means that it should prove far easier to learn than the notoriously abstruse Ob-C.

But what’s an Objective-C noob or expert to do? Thankfully, the New York tech scene has them covered.

The New York Code + Design Academy will be hosting a free lecture on Swift next Wednesday. They’ve also started a Swift iOS Developers Meetup group for those interested in learning more.

And New York’s TurntoTech will be opening its eight-week introduction to Swift and iOS development on July 1st – you can get more info here. They’ll also be hosting a three-hour introduction to Swift next Wednesday – you can RSVP here.

Of course, if you want to avoid human contact at all costs, there are also a lot of online resources. Apple has released the Swift Language Reference ebook, and many developers have released introductory guides to the language.

Now go forth (and learn fast).

Nitty Gritty:

2010: Year development on Swift began

500: # of pages inThe Swift Programming Languagefrom Apple

6/2/2014: Date the WWDC app, the first to be written in Swift, was released


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