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Here Comes The Sunn

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LED light fixture Sunn promises to get us back in rhythm - Uncubed

In a perfect world, we’d all wake up perfectly recharged, stay alert throughout the day, and fade off into blissful sleep at a reasonable hour. Instead, we often find ourselves passed out at our desk chairs at 2 PM and bouncing off the walls at midnight.

That’s because our circadian rhythms are thrown off. Sunn, a smart, sustainable, app-enabled LED light fixture that brightens and dims in accordance with the sun, is positioned to bring our body clocks back to regularity.

Sunn is loaded with features like Sunn Alarm, which replaces the brutal beeping of your bedside phone by slowly growing brighter at a time of your choosing, and Ember Fade, which dims to put you to sleep at night.

And if long, dark winters take a toll on you, the Sunn Travel feature can reflect the lighting conditions of anywhere else in the world – it cannot, however, emulate the sights and sounds of a beach volleyball game.

CTO Andrew Vaslas told us Sunn is initially targeting early adopters in the residential market, noting that circadian lighting is an extremely new technology. Launched on Kickstarter last month, the Los Angeles-based Sunn team have blown by their $50,000 goal with two weeks left in the campaign. With funding procured, the team intends to ship Sunn to its backers in April.

To pre-order the 19-inch Sunn for $249 or the 24-inch Sunn Plus for $349, you can contribute to the Kickstarter here.

Now go forth (and rise).


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