Life-changing coding lessons + Torchy’s Tacos IPO?

Is Torchy's rollin' right towards an IPO?

The “First Job After College” Section

Product Designer, New Grad (Palantir Technologies)

The Design team at Palantir Technologies is bringing on new grads to be Product Designers. As the newest humans working on human experience for Palantir’s software, you must be comfortable with formal and informal research methodologies, as well as working alongside engineers to ensure that product visions are achieved.

Friendly reminder: if your portfolio is password-protected, provide the password somewhere in your application instead of having to send the “oops lol here it is” follow-up email that’s never a good look.

Tech Internship of the Week

Front-End Engineering Intern – Summer 2021 (Kensho)

Kensho uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data visualization techniques to create financial intelligence solutions as part of their parent company, S&P Global. They’re currently offering Summer 2021 internships for software engineers interested in front-end development.

You’ll need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (obvs) and have a general understanding of how algorithms, data structures, and code patterns play a role in web development. 

Kensho is particularly interested in learning about your research, major projects, and any patents that you might have worked on, so call those out when applying!

Non-Tech Internship of the Week

LA Showroom Intern (Place)

Interested in the fashion industry? Since we’re all going to have to remember how to dress professionally once again, Place’s LA Showroom Internship teaches students how to monitor and track sample inventory using familiar industry databases like Joor, along with the best ways to present merchandise to potential buyers. 

Is your company hiring? 

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Stuff You Can Thank Us For Later

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  • Shark Tank Stuff: Samantha John – who didn’t major in computer science – learned two life-changing lessons about coding during her senior year at Columbia University. These lessons led her and co-founder Jocelyn Leavitt to launch Hopscotch in 2011, an app that helps children make games and learn to code. Ten years later, Hopscotch has appeared on Shark Tank and cut a deal with Mark Cuban ($550,000 for 11% equity), valuing John’s senior-year lessons at $5 million.
  • Campus Stuff: Exercise and bragging rights are important, but be careful who you try to take on, as one grad student at Virginia State University learned the hard way.

The 🌮 Report

Missed your chance to get in on Chipotle’s 2006 IPO? Here’s a chance to redeem yourself with a place that actually knows how to make a decent queso. Austin’s breakfast-taco behemoth, Torchy’s Tacos, is considering an initial public offering that could value the chain around $1 billion. 

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