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Chicago's Grind La Salle offices, courtesy LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace allows users to rent an office space for nearly any amount of time

You can see them wandering the streets of every major city, haunting coffee shops or begging passersby for a wifi password – the remote employee looking for a place to work.

LiquidSpace allows office ronin the chance to rent one of 5,500 workspaces in 700 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia for anywhere from 15 minutes to a full day.

Users are matched with spaces that best serve their needs, be it a quiet office to conduct legal depositions or a multimedia-enabled wonderland for full-featured presentations.

Founded in 2010, the company raised $14 million last year to begin aggressively scaling their operations worldwide.

“In 1999 I founded a software company,” LiquidSpace CEO and cofounder Mark Gilbreath told us. “Early in my tenure, we raised a sizable series B and signed a five-year office lease in Milpitas, California. It was by far the biggest outlay we had made as a company but we had absolutely no idea what our needs would be – if this office was the right thing – and that mismatch stayed with me.”

Soon, the company will begin offering rental spaces for terms up to a month in length.

A team of more than 30, LiquidSpace is hiring for three open positions in customer service and product – check them out here.

And if you’re interested in checking out a LiquidSpace of your own, have a look at their offerings here.

Now go forth (and find a home).


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