Living it up with the grandparents

Demolition Man predicted a Taco Bell takeover. (Photo via Border Foods)

The “First Job After College” Section

Software Engineer – New Grad

Working at Qualtrics as a software engineer means developing solutions that are used by 13,000+ brands (including 75% of the Fortune 100) to collect, manage, and provide recommendations from “experience data.”

“X-data,” as it’s affectionately known at Qualtrics, includes data about customer experience, brand experience, employee experience, product experience… you get the idea.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, along with experience with modern programming languages, HTML/CSS/JS, and databases. Above all else, be curious –  it’s a trait the hiring managers here really want to see.

🚨 Finalist-Exclusive Role Closing Soon 🚨

Software Engineer (New College Grad)

Looking for a job during your final spring semester is a great idea because graduation is quickly approaching and your brain is programmed to tackle the “real world.“

That “real world” includes taxes, and if generating code that helps millions of people manage their finances sounds like a noble career endeavor to you, then you should apply for this Software Engineer role at Intuit.

But hurry! This role will be closing very, very soon.

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Tech Internship of the Week

Machine Learning Engineer Summer Internship

The data science magicians at OpenSesame are looking for some lucky students interested in machine learning systems. In your bag of tricks, you’ll need to pull out answers when asked about Python data libraries, deep learning, and natural language processing experience in order to land their Machine Learning Engineer Summer Internship.

Non-Tech Internship of the Week

Design Fellow

Recent graduates pursuing design careers are encouraged to apply to Interbrand’s Design Fellowship. You’ll develop design concepts, execution, audits, presentation production, and creative documents that support client requests.

Is your company hiring? 

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Stuff You Can Thank Us For Later

  • Social Media Stuff: This isn’t the work of Banksy (that we know of), but notable founder and nose-ring enthusiast Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet is now for sale as a non-fungible token, with the bidding currently at $2.5 million.


  • Grandparents Stuff: Got a grandparent living in Florida? You might get a discount on tuition if you’re coming in from out of state.


  • Not-Best-Practices Stuff: If you’re an emerging developer making your way through the world, you might find the need to follow coding best practices. But just like coloring outside of the lines, not following best practices has its benefits, according to the team at Stack Overflow.

The 🌮 Report

We recognize that 90% of our reporting here has been devoted to Taco Bell as of late, but there’s good reason for that.

While we’d love to report on city-specific businesses like NYC’s Amigo Panzon, where ordering birria tacos with a side of dipping sauce was a good call but adding on an underwhelming pork burrito was not, it just won’t have the same mass appeal as a place that a majority of us can relate to. 

So expect to learn a lot more about Taco Bell, like how they’re shaping the future of road-trip pit stops by designing windowless, contactless drive-throughs

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