Machine learning for influencers + 4 million said “I quit”

Don't sleep on these new jobs. (via Giphy)

First Jobs After College

Software Engineer, New Grad (Airtable)

Airtable’s mission is “to bring the power of software development to everyone” and since everyone is a pretty big group, they need fresh talent to keep things cooking. Since they’re targeting new grads for this role, the hiring team here expects you’ll be able to spec and build high-quality product features, work across stack from AWS+Node.JS+SQL to React+HTML+CSS, and be able to collaborate with others in order to deliver results and identify areas of improvement.

To reserve a seat at this table, you’ll need to be enrolled in or a recent graduate of a degree seeking program in Comp Sci or a similar field, and be proficient in modern frontend JavaScript frameworks and React, as well as backend infrastructures and databases.

Business Development Representative (Jampp)

Jampp is a demand-side platform that generates “unique contextual and behavioral signals” for mobile advertisers through programmatic user acquisition and retargeting. They’re hiring a tenacious Junior Business Development Representative with a Bachelors in Business or a related field that’s intrigued by Sales, so you’ll have to be comfortable with cold calling, cold emailing, and working at a hot growing start up.

Internship of the Week

ML Software Engineering Intern (Linqia)

Linqia’s AI-driven platform helps the world’s largest brands understand how to build “compelling and effective influencer marketing campaigns,” and they’re looking for an Intern this summer to join their Software Engineering Team.

You’re an ideal candidate if you’re currently pursuing or recently completed a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D in Comp Sci or a related technical field, along with hands on experience with machine learning, data mining, or natural language processing.

The most job openings in American history

According to the U.S. Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, about 4 million people quit their jobs in April. The impact? Around 9.3 million job openings are looking for their perfect match. But which industries have the best opportunities for those seeking a new job right now?

Turning side projects into salary

Demonstrating your skillset through side projects is a great way to get noticed, but what’s the process for turning your passion into payment? Dice Insights offers a few “essential steps” that might just be your key to getting those job offers.

🌮The Taco Report🌮

Planning a taco party that also takes advantage of grilling season? Try this grilled skirt steak taco recipe (and some charred guacamole for the pregame) from Cecil Rhodes, co-owner of the Nash & Proper Food truck in Sacramento.

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