Mack Weldon releases seriously smooth sweats line | Dedicated

Image courtesy Mack Weldon

Basic Stitch

Listen, we’re just as apt to don a twill tiger-print button-up and feathered fedora as the next guy. But let’s not fall so far towards the fringes of fashion that we forget the most essential section of any man’s wardrobe: the basics.

Mack Weldon hasn’t forgotten. In fact, the New York-based menswear line has made its name by creating t-shirts, underwear, and socks that take men’s basics to the next level of comfort and style.

Just in time for winter, Mack Weldon has released a brand new line of Ace Sweatpants and Hoodies to keep you covered beyond the 9 to 5. Both are made of loopback French terry that’s so soft you’ll forget (or simply neglect) to change before leaving your living room for a meeting or date.

And given the modern design and slim fit of both the sweatpants, which feature a bottom cuff, and hoodie, which features tailored sleeves, we’re damn confident you’ll pull off the public look of leisure just fine.

So if you (or a very lucky person on your Christmas list) want to stay warm, stay classy, and stay way too comfortable for your own good – seriously, these sweats are something like the fabric form of lotion – we’d recommend you order your Mack Weldon basics by this Sunday, November 15.

You can use promo code WAKEFIELD to save 20% up until then, so order your Mack Weldon basics here.

Now go forth (and bring it back to basics).