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Mack Weldon’s silver infused underwear will keep you cool this summer | Sponsored

Image courtesy Mack Weldon

Silver and Cold

Like it or not, summer’s coming fast. Many will lock themselves in air-conditioned rooms, fearing all the seen (and unseen) consequences of oppressive heat.

As for those men you’ll see strolling the sidewalk as if it’s not hellishly hot? They’re probably sporting Mack Weldon basic wear.

That’s because Mack Weldon infuse their underwear and t-shirts with silver. It’s antimicrobial and naturally cooling, so you won’t only feel cleaner when you wear Mack Weldon – you actually will be.

Founder Brian Berger and his team spent some 10,000 hours perfecting the product before bringing it to market.

Switching up one’s underwear can seem a dicey proposition. Fortunately, Mack Weldon offers a Try On Guarantee – if you buy a pair and don’t find it to your liking, they’ll issue a refund or exchange.

Grab a pair of Silver Boxer Briefs here.

Want more Mack? You can secure yourself – or, your father, who could probably use a style upgrade and sweat downgrade this summer – Mack Weldon’s 18-Hour Jersey boxer briefs, v-neck undershirts, silver trunks, silver t-shirts, and no-show socks here.

Now go forth (and get comfortable).


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