MakersKit is one of the biggest DIY brands in the country

| 6 years ago

MakersKit cofounders Jawn McQuade and Mike Stone

On the Make

MakersKit offers Do-It-Yourself kits that teach users how to do everything from make gourmet mozzarella to create their own terrarium.

In the last year and a half they’ve two launched e-books, raised a $1.5 million seed round, opened a flagship store on Melrose Avenue, and sold more than 250,000 kits. In addition to their online store, MakersKit products can be found in Urban Outfitters, Williams-Sonoma, and Macy’s.

But the entire business started by accident.

“I went to FIT in New York and then moved back home to San Francisco to launch a clothing line,” cofounder Mike Stone told us. “Eventually we had five stores with our line in it… and we started doing DIY workshops over the weekends to get more people in, and that just took off on its own. Two years ago I sold the clothing stores and launched MakersKit and within a few months the business was taking off.”

After a three month program at TechStars New York, the company relocated to Los Angeles and worked to translate their offline success into a digital community.

“It was about trying to capture what people loved about our in-person DIY sessions, the fact that [cofounder] Jawn [McQuade] and I were just two guys teaching you how to do things like making candles or soap and make it really fun for everyone. Pairing the kits with these digital videos of us teaching you was really key to our success.”

You can check out all that MakersKit has to offer right here.


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