Maple will take your food delivery to the next level | Dedicated

Image courtesy Maple

Delivery Joy

When we order food for delivery, all too often we find ourselves asking the same question – what exactly happened between the restaurant and our front door?

Somehow that brief transit time transforms French fries into a soggy bundle of carbs and converts tacos into a kind of meat and salsa salad.

New York’s Maple is a delivery-first food service that’s going to change the way you think about getting lunch and dinner.

Every day, Maple offers ten different healthy, delicious menu items – everything from slow-roasted smoked brisket sandwiches to a pomegranate-packed superfood salad with avocado.

And for businesses looking to improve on their local deli’s sub-par catering options, Maple’s order ahead feature lets you place a bulk order in the morning for afternoon delivery within a twenty-minute window.

Each dish is the product of exhaustive testing, from sourcing ingredients, refining recipes, to, yes, ensuring that the food arrives without any problems. With four kitchens throughout the city, Maple is currently available in most of Manhattan; the rest of NYC is coming soon.

Step up your lunch or dinner delivery order – give Maple a try right now.

Now go forth (and get it delivered).