10 Marijuana Startups Blazing a New Path for Cannabis Careers

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As cannabis culture and commerce continue to go mainstream, the tech sector keeps lighting up new innovations. Here are ten marijuana startups blazing a trail in cultivation, distribution, and consumption of legal weed. If you’re looking for jobs in the cannabis industry, you’ve come to the right place.


​”Virtual Budtender” app PotBot turns medicinal marijuana users particular health needs into strain recommendations, then matches them with a highly-rated local dispensary.


Taking growing from a guessing game to a science, GrowBuddy tracks and analyzes cannabis cultivation from first seed to finished strain.


Parent company Ardent is the creator and retailer of the NOVA, a patented decarb unit that renders raw cannabis into topical or edible states.


Offering a point-of-sale system specially cultivated for cannaboid commerce, Flowhub also keeps seller inventory and generates sales and revenue reports for easy evaluation.


Marijuana startup Tokken provides banking services that ensure weed-based businesses can thrive. Acting as a legally compliant intermediary, the Colorado-based company sellers and growers have access to much-needed financial infrastructure that other industries take for granted.


With over one million bud buddies currently signed up, MassRoots is the mind-expanding social media platform for THC enthusiasts worldwide.

New Frontier

New Frontier aggregates and analyzes weed-related business data. Growers, sellers and investors rely on their information gathering to avoid getting smoked by their competitors.


Quickly delivering medicinal marijuana from your local dispensary to your door, Eaze is touted as the market’s top online retailer, efficiently bringing quality kush to couch potatoes.


Catering to medicinal and recreational users, marijuana startup Leafly bills itself as the foremost cannabis information resource on the web, offering strain reviews and weed-centric reporting for politics to pop culture.


Accelerator and venture fund Gateway mentors and invests in promising pot proprietors and tech projects. They fund up to 20 start-ups each year, packing $50K each to get things rolling.


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