Maryland’s BrainScope develops devices to immediately identify concussions

Image courtesy BrainScope

Brain Maintain

Football may be America’s most popular – and profitable – sport, but head trauma-related death and disease at both professional and youth levels have cast a consistent shadow over the game in recent years.

BrainScope is a Bethesda, Maryland based medical neuro-technology company that has raised funds from the National Football League, General Electric, and others to develop portable concussion-assessment devices.

In May, the Food and Drug Administration cleared BrainScope’s most recently released device, the Ahead 200, which analyzes a brain’s structural condition through a sensor that attaches to a handheld device.

“FDA clearance of our Ahead 200 represents a significant achievement in BrainScope’s mission to develop an objective, non-invasive, patient-friendly assessment device for rapid and easy use in urgent care settings,” BrainScope CEO Michael Singer said.

The Ahead 200’s impact figures to extend far beyond the football field as well – the company has boasted a partnership with the United States Department of Defense since 2012, garnering more than $27 million worth of research contracts.

You can learn more about BrainScope here.

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